Measured Pour Spout Benefits

Best for your customers

Your customers want their favorite drinks to taste like their favorite drinks; neither under poured or overpoured. With Precision Pour® 3 Ball Liquor Pour spouts, you can offer your customers the same delicious taste, drink after drink, no matter who is tending bar.

Best for your cash register

By reducing overpouring and spills with Precision Pour® spouts you can serve an additional two to four drinks per bottle. This means that a Precision Pour® spout will pay for itself in just one bottle. Then, the earnings continue, bottle after bottle, for years to come. Consider the number of bottles in your bar and the impact of using Precision Pour® spouts on all of your bottles; you’ll see that this adds up to a remarkable return on your investment.

The responsible way to serve alcohol

Precision Pour® 3 Ball Liquor Pour spouts make it easier to track who’s had enough and who might have had too much. It’s no small responsibility serving cocktails. Protecting your establishment, your staff, and most of all your customers is not only good business, it’s the right thing to do. Know what you’re pouring and cover your bases with Precision Pour® 3 Ball Liquor Pour spouts.

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