Measured Pour Spout Features

Patented Improvements

Precision Pour® spouts feature numerous patented innovations, among them are:

  1. A new valve alongside the main cylinder to prevent after-drip and eliminate waste.
  2. A primer ring to channel liquor around the inner ball bearing for a more accurate pour.
  3. Three ball bearings, rather than the old standard two, for a smoother, more accurate pour.
  4. A new bottom design that ensures that the ball bearings will never fall into the bottle.


Some old-style spouts are made from recycled plastic. Precision Pour® spouts are made using virgin plastic, a far more durable material. Some old-style spouts also employ polycarbonate plastic which will break down in alcohol. We use no poly-carbonates. As a result, a Precision Pour will outlast other styles of spouts.


Some old-style spouts are assembled using glue that has been proven to break down in alcohol. Precision Pour® spouts are assembled using a patented locking system, avoiding glue altogether. The result is: Precision Pour® spouts are less susceptible to breaking, especially when removing spouts from bottles. Additionally, Precision Pour spouts are made entirely in the USA.