Measured Pour Spout Use & Care

Before you first use Precision Pour® 3 Ball Liquor Pour Spouts, soak them in warm, soapy water for about five minutes. Don't use bleach or abrasive cleaners or put them in a dishwasher.

After soaking, rinse the spouts in cool water and insert them into your bottles while the spouts are still damp. A little twisting motion helps get the spouts into bottles snugly.

Because of different sized bottle openings, all of the fins on the spout’s stem may not fit into the bottle. That's OK. Precision Pour® spouts are designed this way in order to fit the greatest number of bottles possible. As long as the spout is snug in the bottle, you’re ready to pour.

Before the spouts first use, and after each cleaning, prime the spout by covering the opening and quickly turning the bottle over. This ensures that the first shot poured is accurate.

To pour, turn the bottle in a natural motion to a 45 to 60 degree angle. When the proper portion has been dispensed, the Precision Pour® spout will stop the flow of the liquor.

To keep the spouts flowing smoothly and accurately, clean them weekly, or perhaps every other week. Do this just as you did prior to the spout’s first use.

Click here to learn more about the spouts by viewing our Use & Care video.