Meet The Crew

At Precision Pours, our crew is our greatest strength!

There are many online bar supply companies, but few have a staff of bar industry experts on hand every day to help you. At Precision Pours, our sales crew, has roughly 40 years of combined experience working with bartenders, managers and owners.

If you have a question about serving liquor safely and profitably, you've come to the right place. Contact our crew based on your region or buying group and tap into the wealth of experience and knowledge they offer.

Tom Highum
Wisconsin, Texas, Maine, West Virginia

Tom's been with Precision Pours for nearly 20 years and he's a veteran of many trade shows and tavern league events. It's entirely possible that nobody on the planet knows more about pour spouts than Tom. 

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Ryan Kinross
Illinios, Ohio and Oregon

Ryan joined us over a year ago and began his career at Precision Pours as a Customer Service Representative.  Ryan was promoted last fall to become our youngest Portion Control Specialist and he brings a unique perspecitive to our industry. Ryan was born and raised in the Chicagoland area.

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Angie Knight
Iowa, Kentucky, Western New York, New Jersey and Arizona

Angie is our resident Energizer Bunny with boundless energy. Angie's background includes being a Bartender and she spent some time as a Bar Manager. She has been with Precision Pours for over 8 years and with her experience has a wealth of information to share about this business.

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Duane Nordling
Open Region & Dealer Representation

Duane has been with Precision Pours since the company's inception. Over the years, Duane has risen from star sales person to VP of sales and crew manager. Duane also services dealer accounts. If you are a reseller of products such as ours, contact Duane; He'll get you started with our 3-ball liquor pour spouts and/or any of our great bar supply products.

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Roxanne Weld

Roxanne joined us last fall as a Customer Service Representative with years of experience. Roxi is from the Great State of Oregon and is learning how to cope with our long Winters here in Minnesota!

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