Moonshine Products

Classic Jar Lids

If you ain’t sipping right from the jar our lid makes it much easier to pour a glass of your favorite Moonshine. Because we have moved the pourer to the side of the lid you will be able to pour every last drop of Moonshine from your jar unlike the ones with the pourer inserted in the middle of the lid. A Precision Pour lid will not leak when you pour either!

When you order our lids with a Flip Top Seal there is no need to put the original cover back on when storing your Moonshine!

The Thumper w/ring

Take off the lid and put the “Thumper” on your jar then pour your Moonshine like a bottle! Because of its unique design you can now put your jars down in your speed rail or well. Just pick up the bottle and pour! With The Thumper you can use either a free pourer or a Precision Pour to make sure your customer gets the same pour every time. Shine on with the “Thumper”