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3-Ball Measured Pour Spouts

Standard Style
Size: 424.64 KB
Size: 474.62 KB
Fliptop Seal
Size: 489.14 KB
Collared & Fliptop
Size: 550.58 KB
Heavy Cork Standard
Size: 570.53 KB
Heavy Cork Fliptop Seal
Size: 592.04 KB
Spouts with Custom Imprints
Size: 652.53 KB

Non-measured (free)  Pour Spouts

Standard Style (free)
Size: 413.03 KB
Collared (free)
Size: 447.29 KB
Fliptop Seal (free)
Size: 464.73 KB
Collared & Fliptop (free)
Size: 522.66 KB
Heavy Cork Standard (free)
Size: 555.98 KB