Rack & Pour Benefits

Rack & Pour™ bottle rack systems dispense extremely precise shots quickly and without the mess of using shot glasses or jiggers. With Rack & Pour™ units, all that is required to dispense a shot is to press the rim of a drink glass up against the “crows feet” at the bottom of the measuring head.This means that preparing drinks with Rack & Pour™ units is very fast and very easy.

Rack & Pour™ units are also attractive. Your bottles are in plain view so that customers can see which bottles you are serving from. This sets Rack & Pour™ apart from electronic systems. Customers often find electronic systems offensive, since they can’t see the bottle their drink is being poured from.

Like electronic systems, Rack & Pour™ units, with metered measuring heads, provide bar owners and managers with a tool to track the number of shots served from their bottles. One big difference is that Rack & Pour™ units do this for a fraction of the costs of most electronic systems.

Heavy-duty styles of Racks & Pour™ units will support 1.75 liter bottles. Purchasing your liquor in this bottle size is a good way to reduce your liquor costs. This means that Rack & Pour™ units can save you money on your purchasing as well as on your pouring.