Rack & Pour™ Bottle Rack Systems

Rack & Pour™ bottle rack systems hold liquor bottles upside down and dispense precise shot sizes through measuring heads which are inserted into bottles like a pour spout.
Measuring heads are available in five shot sizes and range from 7/8 ounce to 1-1/2 ounce, in 1/8 ounce increments. Measuring heads are also availble with or without a counting meter which tallies the number of shots served.
The Racks come in a free-standing rotary style, wall-mounting or counter-mounting styles. All styles of racks will function with either metered or non-metered measuring heads.
Bottle rack systems are commonplace in English pubs and more prevalent throughout Europe than they are in the United States. Precision Pours, Inc. aims to change this with the Rack & Pour™ liquor dispensing system.
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