Responsible Service

Serving alcohol responsibly is not just the right thing to do, it is also best for your business. Any legitimate bar owner knows this and yet, it isn't always easy to do.

Irresponsible Service

Irresponsible service means, obviously, serving minors and serving visibly intoxicated customers. It also means serving overly strong drinks.

Though there is no "cure-all" solution, Precision Pour® 3 Ball Liquor Pour spouts can at least make it easier to track who’s had enough and who might have had too much. When not using a measured pour spout, or another accurate measuring system, it is definitely harder for bartenders to keep tabs on the customer's consumption.

Responsible Service

Precision Pours, Inc., supports a number of organizations that offer information and resources to the hospitality industry. In this portion of our web site, you'll find links to organizations that are doing a great job helping both our industry and our customers. Please visit frequently for updates and to join us in our efforts to promote responsible service.

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