Collared Non-measured Pour Spout

Collared Non-measured Pour Spout

Precision Pour® collared non-measured pour spouts are a nice cosmetic upgade from our standard style spouts. The collar covers the threads of a bottle as well as any exposed fins on the spout stem. Also, because our collar is locked on to the stem of the spout, it is easier to remove the spout from an empty bottle.

1-2 dozen - $27 per dozen
3-5 dozen - $24.60 per dozen
6+ dozen - $21 per dozen



The collared style spouts are a nice cosmetic upgrade from our standard style spouts.

Because of different sized bottle openings, all of the fins on a spout’s stem may not fit into a bottle. That's OK. Precision Pour® spouts are designed this way in order to fit the greatest number of bottles possible.

A collar covers these exposed fins and also covers the glass threads that are visible once you remove the cap from a liquor bottle.

Unlike other manufacturer's spouts, Precision Pour® collars are locked on to the spout's stem. This means that the collar and the stem turn as one, making it easy to remove the spouts from empty bottles.

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