“The HOPR has increased my sales of beer and margaritas by 20-30%, especially in the summer on our patio. It also helps to sell more soda for large parties. Check out my website and see my video of the HOPR. I don’t use pitchers anymore!”

~Jorge Ocegueda, Owner - Paseo del Rio
“Offering the HOPR to Champps customers has proven to be a win, win situation. The sales guy was right, our customers absolutely love it, which has resulted in increased beverage sales, profits and improved efficiencies! “
~Jarrod Byers, General Manager - Champps
“We have 6 of these and they are a huge relief on the weight staff, especially on UFC Fight Night, when we are very very busy. We love how the customer can just swivel the HOPR to themselves and fill their drinks with a simple push of the glass. The Super Chill Rod keeps the drinks very cold and everything is easy to clean. We want to get these in our other two restaurants right away.”
~Julie Cholak, Uncle Mikes Top Shelf Pub